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Crazy Dragon Cooking Instructions

Crazy Dragon Heat and Eat

Crazy Dragon Cooking Instructions  

Heat and Eat, our products really are ready in 10 minutes! We love getting in the kitchen, and with a few tips, some simply healthy ingredients and some Crazy Dragon snacks in the freezer, you can become a home gourmet chef! Below are some great ideas to help you turn your Crazy Dragon snacks into whatever you need: healthy, tasty meals for your family; a quick snack for in-between meals; a healthy alternative to ‘party pies’ for your next kids party; or not out of place in your next cocktail party as finger food.

We already have great serving suggestions, but, if you have any other cooking or serving tips, why not share them with us and other Crazy Dragon fans. If you have any great recipe ideas or serving suggestions, we would love to hear about them. We will put up any new ideas on our FACEBOOK PAGE with a special thank you. Send us your ideas. CLICK HERE. Don’t forget to tell us which product your serving suggestion might be matched.

Crazy Dragon Heat and Eat 1 Mix and Match?

Mix and match our other recipes to your favourite Crazy Dragon products – that way you will always have something new to try.

Crazy Dragon Heat and Eat 3 Steaming

There are many ways of steaming our products. Here are your options in order of what we think achieves the best results:

  1. Traditional Bamboo Steamer over a pot of boiling water
  2. Pasta strainer in the top of a pot of boiling water
  3. A domestic steamer unit available at most large department stores

Hints for best results:

  • To avoid sticking, put down baking paper a lettuce leaf or simply spray vegetable oil first
  • Always leave a little space between product & never stack on top of each other
  • The more products you want to steam at once, the bigger the pot and steamer you’ll need
  • Always use a lid
  • Never stream in the bag unless the directions for that product says you can
  • Always be careful around steaming water

Crazy Dragon Heat and Eat 4 Boiling

Boiling is a great option. Here are Hints for best results:

  • To avoid sticking, put a little vegetable oil in the water first
  • Be sure to gently stir the products in the pot when you first drop them
  • The more products you want to boil at once, the bigger the pot, the more water you’ll need
  • Always use a lid
  • Always be careful around boiling water

Crazy Dragon Heat and Eat 5 Microwave

Steam is always the preferred cooking method for Crazy Dragon dumplings however microwave is an option for when you are short of time. Remember that all microwaves are different and later models are much more powerful. Most microwaves will have cooking levels between 800 & 1100 watts. There is no industry standard of low, medium, and high for a microwave. For our cooking instructions, we assume a level of about 800 – 900 watts. You may need to extend or reduce the recommended cooking times to suit your own microwave but only ever vary the time by 10% or so at a time and work towards what is perfect for you.

Microwave Cooking Instructions

1. Place frozen Crazy Dragon dumplings in a microwave safe bowl.
2. Fill the bowl with hot tap water so dumplings are completely covered with water.
3. Cover the bowl and microwave on high for 3-4 minutes for up to 10 dumplings. If the dumplings are floating in the water, they’re cooked.
4. Drain water from the bowl to serve.

Hints for best results:

  • Always double check the time and heat level you have selected
  • Always allow a product some cooling down time after cooking as microwaves can “superheat”
  • Never leave the room while the microwave is in use
  • Never place metal objects in the microwave

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