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Crazy Dragon Retail Product Range

Crazy Dragon Retail Product Range  

Our healthy and versatile range is perfect for a family meal, finger food at a kids birthday or
at a sophisticated cocktail party.

All our range of Dumplings and Buns are made from almost 100% Australian produce and made in Australia. They are low in Sodium, Fat, Saturated Fat and Sugar plus contain NO MSG. All of our products have no added colours, fillers or any other additive that you would normally find in other products in the frozen food section.

So apart from being delicious and ready in minutes, they are healthy and a great alternative for a quick snack or meal for the family.

crazy dragon BBQ Steamed Pork Buns
crazy dragon hong kong style prawn dumplings
crazy dragon hong kong style pork dumplings
crazy dragon hong kong style chicken dumplings
crazy dragon chicken and coriander dumplings
crazy dragon chicken dumplings 1kg
crazy dragon prawn dumplings 1kg
crazy dragon pork and spring onion dumplings
crazy dragon Prawn Gyoza
Crazy Dragon Serving Suggestion

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