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Funky Dumpling Folds

August 21, 2019
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Triangle Fold

Step 1: Spoon a heaped teaspoon of your pre-prepared filling into the middle of the dumpling wrapper. Form a ‘taco shape’ and begin by pinching one end of the wrapper to seal it, moving slowly towards the middle.

Step 2: When you’re about a third of the way towards the middle, use your index finger to push the middle of the opposite side of the wrapper all the way to the center until it meets in the shape of a triangle

Step 3: Using your thumb, middle, and index fingers, pinch the edges of the dumpling and make sure that it is sealed well.


Crescent Fold

Step 1: Much like the triangle fold, create a taco like shape once again with your dumpling wrapper, however this time, use your thumb, index and middle fingers to make a “W” shape at one end of the folded dumpling. Now press the “W” together to seal it. Pinch the folded dumpling together until you reach the middle.

Step 2: Repeat the “W” shape on the other side and pinch to seal it.

Step 3: Repeat the pinching as you move towards the halfway point of the seam. Continue until the dumpling has been completely sealed.


Pleated Fold

Step 1: Begin with a small amount of your pre-prepared filling and place it in the center of your dumpling wrapper. Dab some water around the outside edge of the wrapper to ensure that the dumpling stays together later on.

Step 2: Again, create a taco shape. Use your fingers to lightly pinch the two edges of the wrapper together in the centre of the dumpling’s seam.

Step 3: Holding your thumb and index finger against the pinched seam, use your index and middle fingers on your other hand to fold a small part of the top dumpling wrapper towards the center seam. This is the first pleat. (the other side of your dumpling should be smooth)

Step 4: Continue with the same process from step 3, slowly working away from the center seam, until you have three evenly spaced pleats on one side of your dumpling. If the pleats/seams aren’t staying together, dab with a little more water.

Step 5: To pleat the rest of the dumpling, switch hands and hold the center seam with your opposite hand, then use the other hand to pleat the rest of the top dumpling skin against itself. (If the filling starts to come out, just push it back in!

Step 6: Once all six pleats have been made, it’s important to reinforce the seam with water and some soft pinching to make sure all of the pleats stay in place during cooking.

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